Alabama Hills Anniversary

October 19, 2017

So this us – Sam & Josh.

We really wanted to do something special to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary, so we decided to go on a motorcycle trip up the 395 to our favorite mountain range – the Sierra Nevada.

We loved every second of our wedding but more than anything else we have loved being married and now over 5 years later our life is completely different but we are still so in love. We started doing photos+video of elopements and weddings together a few years ago and our life has turned into us going on all kinds of crazy adventures together, capturing love in incredible places.  We knew we wanted to try and and capture everything ourselves and truly show us exactly as we are now. I found a dress that reminded me of my wedding dress and so we loaded up, got a killer bouquet from Haystack Florals, got some friends to help us with this crazy idea and rode up to the Alabama hills. On the way down we went to a dry lake bed in Adelanto and ran around the desert. Funny story, our motorcycle stopped running when we got there but we decided to have fun with it and keep shooting anyway.

We can’t believe everyday that we found our perfect person when we were just kids. Love is weird and cool and hard and it is the best thing in the whole world.

Dress: Free People

Josh’s threads: Urban Outfitters

Florals: Haystack Floral

Shooter: Marielle Chua


So so epic guys amazing picture and congrats on 5 years!!

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