Hey it's us!

We are the Arroyos – Josh & Sam. We live and work in Southern California in between some incredible places – Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree – but we love to travel everywhere love can be found.

We have been in love for over 12 years and married for 6. We are best friends and feel incredibly happy to get to capture the love between other best friends. We laugh hard, love hard, drive each other crazy and could never ever have chosen anyone else more perfect for each other to spend forever with. We love motorcycles, the desert, whiskey, hiking in the Sierra Nevada and road trips.

Our relationship is a huge part of why we work and inspires us to capture other love stories that inspire us. We love to hear other peoples stories and would love to hear and hopefully capture yours.

Hi I'm Sam! I'm the more introverted of the two of us. I am good at drawing out the tiny little moments to capture the two of you just being you. I love to get so close you can see the freckles on your cheeks or the goosebumps on your arm. I'm also tiny so I'm good at sneaking around and catching moments without anyone realizing I'm there. You be you and I'll be me and let's make some cool stuff.

Hi this is what we look like if you wanted to know. This is us in our element: Matching denim jackets and on some crazy cliff together, probably thinking about pizza.

Hi I'm Josh. I make films of people in love. I don't make traditional wedding videos. That's lame, let's do something rad. I love Sam. I ride motorcycles. I really dig fire, drinking beer and going camping. I make a lot of dad jokes. I guess I'm the more extroverted one but it's weird putting stuff here so let's just hang out instead.